Digital Identity is the first step towards Digital Transformation. We help clients get that first step right.

IAM being the new attack surface observed in the recent cyber attacks and critically required digital transformation due to Covid-19, we help clients safely tread through their Identity journey necessary for today's digital ubiquity.

Our Professional Services

Migration to Public Cloud

Moving to a Public Cloud brings a comprehensive list of benefits but also fine print significant risks. With ForgeRock being the most overarching Identity Platform, its cloud architecture can vary between Hybrid Cloud, Bare Metal Cloud (EC2), and DevOps (Kubernetes). With our hands-on cloud expertise and enormous ForgeRock experience, we help our clients formulate a well-thought-out Cloud Migration strategy that ensures the organization's posture is secure while making the migration journey successful.

Upgrades & Maintenance

Patching security flaws, fixing existing bugs, and adding new features through software updates is a vital lifecycle of any software. To ensure the software does not reach its EOL, patched against open security vulnerabilities, continues to meet business requirements, it is imperative to maintain this lifecycle. Our experience dates back to the old days of OpenAM v13. With our expertise and knowledge, we help clients upgrade from any ForgeRock version.

Modernization, Architecture & Design

With Legacy IAM Software or Infrastructure, meeting customer-facing business demands can be highly challenging in today's disruptive economy. Pandemic has changed the way we work and interact on the internet. IAM being the new attack surface observed in recent cyberattacks, IAM modernization is crucial to gain business agility and digital transformation. With extensive experience in the ForgeRock stack, based on industry standards (NIST, ISO), and a deep understanding of the IAM journey of a subject (user, device, or thing), we help our clients map out a step-by-step modernization strategy to achieve concrete business goals.

Authorization for Microservices

Authentication and Authorization are two similar-looking words that are often confused for their roles in the IAM pipeline. Authentication being the first step in the IAM process, is like a poster boy, while Authorization from our vast experience becomes an after-thought. And being an after-thought process, it's challenging for Authorization to support growing business requirements. We understand and preach the importance of Authorization and its Access Models (RBAC, ABAC). With our Authorization first approach, we help clients determine their Authorization requirements and then formulate a plan to centralize Authorization leading to better clarity and compliance.


We have established strategic partnerships with the below companies to provide our clients with industry-proven Identity and Access Management technologies.

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